How to Join the Virtual Infertility Workshop

I am so excited you’ll be joining the next virtual infertility workshop. The content shared and the connections made are so valuable – the last thing I want is for fear of the technology of the video conferencing to hold you back!
I found the best way to know what to do is by watching the following videos, created by ZOOM.

So no matter where you are in the world, and no matter whether you use your computer, phone or tablet, you can join us!

Once you access the meeting you will be able to enter the name you want displayed.

If you’d like to be private, there are two ways to do that:

1) Instead of your full name enter a nickname, your initials, or use your TTC instagram account name.

2) You can also check a box that says “turn off my video” if you do not want your face to show up on the call. The default image is just a square with your name, or you can upload a profile image. If you choose to upload a photo, may I request that you upload a photo of your fur baby or a pineapple?

Everyone who joins will be automatically muted so we can all enjoy the experience without background noise, but when you’re ready to ask a question or share, you can click unmute.

When it’s time for the workshop, bring a drink of choice, and come as you are prepared to learn and connect!