Struggling to grow your family?

* You are not alone.
* This is not your fault.
* You are strong enough.
* You can have a family.
* There is hope for you.

It’s just taking a little, ok, a lot, longer than you wished and hoped.

What will help you in this delicate stage of your life is the support from people who understand. By surrounding yourself with people who get it you can receive the support you need during your infertility journey.  

For some people that means talking to other women who are going through infertility treatments at the same time through support groups.

For some women that means working with someone who’s already been through it who can then coach you through YOUR journey.

And then for some women it means doing both.

…it is possible to survive the wait.

…it is possible to maintain your relationships.
…it is possible to go through your next steps without fear and anxiety. 
…it is possible to believe that it will work.
…it is possible to have no regrets.
…it is possible to become a mother.

You do not need to go through infertility alone.

You’re invited to join a private, closed Facebook group, the IVF Sisterhood Facebook group, to connect with other women who are struggling to grow their families and must rely on infertility treatments.

It’s a safe space to share your experience with other women who know what you’re going through. To get inspiration and encouragement on some of your tough days, and help lift up others on your strong days. 

*To calm any fears, the facebook group is a closed group. This means that no one outside of the group can see who is a member. This means that if your infertility journey is something you’re choosing to do privately, it can remain that way. 

I know what it’s like to watch everyone around you announce their pregnancies while you’re still waiting for the two lines.

I know what it’s like to need to add medicine and doctors to the equation and yet, there’s still no baby.

I know because I was there, too. 

I took clomid, gave myself shots and went through 4 IUI’s and 2 IVF cycles before having my daughter. 

I’ve experienced it all: I had failed cycles and transfers, a miscarriage and the BFP (big fat positive).

Throughout my whole journey, I felt so alone and while the friends I did open up to wanted to help, they just didn’t understand.

The facebook group is the space where we share inspiration and hope to help YOU navigate the journey to  your baby.  Because no matter your diagnosis, this group does understand. It’s also a space to connect with, give and receive support from other IVF warriors. It’s a space for you to not hide how you’re feeling behind a fake smile.

It’s a space for you to be you.

We cannot wait to see you in the group.

Infertility is an emotional roller coaster of a ride that you do not have to experience alone.