You don’t have to
go through
infertility alone.

Let’s work together

Even with a supportive partner, family and friends, infertility can be so lonely.  

While they all try, unless
they’ve gone through it themselves they just don’t understand.  

How could they know what the hormones and the crazy egg growing
feels like on your body, your emotions and your heart?

Believe me, I know.

· I know what it’s like to wish you were pregnant by now.
· I know what it’s like when pregnancy announcements knock the wind out of you.
· I know what it’s like to be jealous and sad at baby showers, to then add guilt for not feeling 100% happy for the mama to be.
· I know what it’s like to meet with a specialist, pay the fees, give yourself injections and there’s still no baby
· I know what it’s like to hit road bumps and curves on the anything-but-smooth trail to motherhood.
· I know what it’s like to adjust your expectations that a baby would be created in the bedroom.
· I know what it’s like to fake a smile when someone asks when will you have a baby.
· I know what it’s like to put your life on hold because you may have a doctor’s appointment.
· I know what it’s like to have failed IUI’s, and failed transfers
· I know what it’s like to have a miscarriage

AND, I know what it’s like to have your dream come true
and to raise the baby you always knew you’d have.

Have you ever been told to:

….just relax

….just go on vacation

….just stop trying so hard

….just drink some wine

….just adopt?

If you have heard all of the above advice, I feel you!

I went through the infertility journey
and now I can help you on yours.

I know how exhausting, draining, expensive, isolating, and challenging the rollercoaster ride of infertility is.  After almost two years of trying with medical help, I FINALY got my BFP and we welcomed our daughter into this world in the summer of 2017.  Infertility doesn’t leave you once you get a positive or become a mom.  I learned that in my daugther’s first year of life, and also during our 3rd egg retrieval and 2nd frozen transfer in an effort to try for baby #2 that ended in a miscarriage.  My baby making journey is over and that’s why I’m now focused on helping you.

Through 1 on 1 coaching, my clients can walk through the IVF process with a trusted friend who’s been there before to hold their hand and guide them along the way.

My IVF Warrior Method, helps my clients learn to lower their anxiety, strengthen their relationships, remain hopeful, speak up for themselves, quit putting their lives on hold and, dare I say it, enjoy the journey to becoming a mother!

Sound familiar?

You wanted to be a mom for as long as you could remember and never thought it would be this hard.

You met with a specialist. You paid the fees. You gave yourself injections. And there’s still no baby.

You watched everyone around you announce their pregnancies and felt so alone.

You are terrified you might never become a mother.

I know because I was there too.

As someone who has done IUI’s, egg retrievals, fresh and frozen transfers, I’ve had transfers cancelled, and surgeries scheduled instead, I’ve had the BFN’s, the BFP that resulted in a miscarriage and the BFP that brought me my miracle daughter. 

Because I’ve experienced all of that I can empathize with your emotional struggles during this tough season.

Benefits of working 1 on 1

IVF Warrior Method

Focusing on three 

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IVF Warrior Method

We work together through the three pillars of the IVF Warrior method

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TTC Toolbox

My 1 on 1 clients get lifetime access to the TTC Toolbox. 

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Need more support?

I promise, you’re not the only one. Trying times come with a lot of uncertainty. You can’t be expected to know all of the answers. I can help you find what you’re looking for.

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My Coaching Packages

Think positive, be positive. We’ve all heard that before, but it’s time to make it a reality. Scientific studies have shown the connection between the power of positive thought and attaining your goals. My Coaching Packages are designed to help you think positive and be positive .. positively pregnant.

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“ Kiki checked in often to see where I was mentally, physically, and emotionally. She reminded me to focus on my mantra and look at the big picture. She sympathized and it was as if she was right next to me giving me a huge hug and providing a shoulder to cry on.

Mother of Twins (Boy & Girl)

Having an outside opinion weighing pros and cons of clinical decisions, having someone in my life who understood, and having the guidance to come up with responses to tough, unwanted questions from well-meaning friends and family made me feel like I could tackle what came my way and not let it ruin my day.
1:1 Coaching Client
1:1 Coaching ClientCEO
I’m not sure if I would have been able to draw the connection between the strength I got through my infertility experience equipping me with the skills and strength to go through the next life challenge. The “big sister” concept ended up being very serendipitous and I feel not only lucky but appreciative for Kristin.

1:1 Coaching Client
Kristin helped me get through what was hands down the most difficult 6 months of my life. She got me out of my wallowing, assigned meaning to my struggles, and helped me take command of my thoughts. When I felt like all control over my life and happiness was being taken away, she helped me feel empowered, reminded me that I could and would get through it… and even more, that I’d be a better me for it.”

1:1 Coaching Client
I have been working with Kristin the last couple months during my IVF journey. She is a great life coach and genuinely cares for you during the most difficult times. Kristin has taught me so much that’s helped me to enjoy my life right now and not worry about the future. I’ve stopped thinking all these “what if” scenarios because of her! Thank you for giving me that peace.
L.H.1:1 Coaching Client

My story

As the oldest of three girls, I have wanted to be a mom for as long as I can remember. I was the first to be married, yet the last to have a baby. And if I’m being honest, watching both of my sisters become mothers before me was hard as I had always done everything first.

I don’t remember when baby showers got so hard. I always cried at happy experiences like weddings and showers, but I just remember the cry was different. The crying wasn’t out of happiness for the person, but out of jealousy. Baby showers and announcements just got harder and harder as I was still waiting for my own announcement and shower.

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I will be your support system through your infertility journey.

Let’s do this together!