Preparing for your upcoming FET

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If your frozen embryo transfer (FET) is coming up, I’m sure you’re equally excited and nervous. There is SOOO much that happens in the infertility journey to get to this point and you’re almost at the end!

But with that comes the pressure to do everything right so that it works this time.

I know, because I went through 7 TWW's myself so wanted to share a few things that I learned!
Believe me, I know!

Here are a few things to expect during the Two Week Wait (TWW):


Full bladder.
On your transfer day, the most uncomfortable part will be the full bladder. If you have not been told already, on the day of your transfer your RE will request that you show up at the appointment time after consuming a bunch of water with a full bladder. What makes this part so uncomfortable is that you end up really needing to go and are then terrified you’ll pee during the transfer. I am happy to say that fear never came true for me. But, if that happens for you, it won’t have been the first time and it certainly won’t be the last time it happens either.

Someone to hold your hand.
There will be a lot of people in the room. Remember how you thought creating a baby would be between you and hubby? Well, this time it will include the RE, anyone who might be assisting the RE and the embryologist. I’d encourage you that even though it feels like the room is full – having your spouse there with you is really important. If that can’t happen, because, sometimes it just can’t happen, you might want to consider bringing a friend, sibling or mom to hold your hand. Not because there is pain, because there isn’t. But because this is the moment that your future baby is put back inside you to grow for 9 months. It’s a really special moment and one that, if possible, should not be done alone.



Bed rest.
Some clinics request bed rest for a day or two after the transfer. Others, just want you to lay down for 30 minutes after the procedure. Others, have you hop right off, pee, change, and get on your merry way right away. This is all based on different information out there – so if you trust your RE – trust their advice for your situation. I’m no doctor, but I have seen success from all three scenarios.

There are so many old wives tales about what food to eat when. So I won’t go into all that. But I will share that my acupuncturist encouraged me to stay away from cold foods and drinks and to stick with warm or room temperature items during the Two Week Wait. I felt like this was an easy thing to do whether it worked or not.

Warm feet.
Another tip from my acupuncturist was to keep my feet warm for the TWW. The idea here is that by keeping your feet warm your body’s energy and bloodflow can focus on your uterus. My thought was this could not be harmful and was an easy ask!

Hope dwindles.
I’m not a debbie downer, but I will tell you no matter how certain and excited and hopeful you are when you start your TWW, there will be a turn in your emotions and you’ll start doubting that its working. Whether you have symptoms or not, it happens to all of us.  You’ll start googling like crazy. Searching things like “am I pregnant if I don’t feel any symptoms?” “success rates of frozen transfer for women (fill in the blank age).” etc. Did you know that side effects of progesterone and pregnancy can be the same? Did you know that many healthy babies are born and the mom never felt any symptoms in the first few weeks?  

TWW Challenge
I made a TWW Challenge to help women just like me and you to help them stay hopeful, stay busy, and feel supported during the TWW.  It’s a daily email sent to you based on YOUR transfer date that includes a positive quote, and activity to do and some encouragement. It’s my way of helping you not feel alone during the most stressful time of IVF.  I’d love for you to sign up below!

I know how badly you want this to work!

I know you want to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you can.

I know you want to take back some control.

I know how much is riding on this transfer and it’s success.

I know you need to stay busy to help pass the time.

I know that staying positive is really hard after about 5 days.

I also know that you are not alone. 

I went through the infertility journey and now I can help you on yours.

I know how exhausting, draining, expensive, isolating, and challenging the rollercoaster ride of infertility is.  After almost two years of trying with medical help, I FINALY got my BFP and we welcomed our daughter into this world in the summer of 2017.  Infertility doesn’t leave you once you get a positive or become a mom.  


Sound familiar?

You wanted to be a mom for as long as you could remember and never thought it would be this hard.

You met with a specialist. You paid the fees. You gave yourself injections. And there’s still no baby.

You watched everyone around you announce their pregnancies and felt so alone.

You are terrified you might never become a mother.

I know because I was there too.

As someone who has done IUI’s, egg retrievals, fresh and frozen transfers, I’ve had transfers cancelled, and surgeries scheduled instead, I’ve had the BFN’s, the BFP that resulted in a miscarriage and the BFP that brought me my miracle daughter. 

Because I’ve experienced all of that I can empathize with your emotional struggles during this tough season.

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“ Kiki checked in often to see where I was mentally, physically, and emotionally. She reminded me to focus on my mantra and look at the big picture. She sympathized and it was as if she was right next to me giving me a huge hug and providing a shoulder to cry on whenever I needed.

Mother of Twins (Boy & Girl)

I would be honored to be your support system through your infertility journey.