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Two Week Wait Challenge

A daily e-mail filled with positive quotes and activities to help you stay optimistic, busy, and hopeful until Beta day.

Once you have your transfer date scheduled, sign up below to receive inspiration and support during your TWW!


One on One Coaching

Customized support based on your infertility journey, experience, and stage that helps you:

*reduce stress and anxiety
*strengthen your marriage
*take back control
*replenish your hope

Public Inspirational Speaking

With a loud voice and an even louder laugh, women are encouraged and uplifted through personal stories of surviving challenging times. If you're looking for a speaker that connects with audiences on an emotional level for your next meeting let's chat!

Interviewed on the following PODCASTS:

Infertility Coach on Gotcha Mama Podcast

Chat with other infertility sisters in our private/closed Facebook Group

My name is Kristin, nickname Kiki, and, sister, I am so glad you’re here!  This is the place for you:

  • if you long to be a mother.
  • if the journey to becoming a mom is WAY longer and harder than you ever imagined.
  • if pregnancy and birth announcements always sting.
  • if growing your family doesn’t just happen after love and marriage as it requires doctors and medicine.
  • if you no longer want to feel alone.
  • if you’re looking to connect with someone who’s been there.
  • if you’re wondering if you’ll ever become a mom.

I know you'll be a mom, it's just taking way, way, WAY longer than you'd like. You don't have to go through infertility alone.